Let us help you create a values-based culture in support of increased employee engagement.    

HR-Rx offers a variety of in-house training and leadership development programs and workshops. Sample topics:     

  • Conflict Resolution - identify their biggest sources of conflict, practice techniques to build trust and community in the workplace, experience how to minimize conflict in the workplace, and the power of forgiveness, & apply techniques for managing conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence - identify triggers that cause default reactions and learn steps to practively take charge of responses, develop an action plan to support relationships and connect with oneself and others through a deeper level of awareness. 

  • Generational "Mind"ness - develop skills to recognize commonalities, approach challenges with empathy and confidence,  build trust and strengthen a sense of belonging across the organization to engage employees of all generations

  • Leadership & Human Management -  participants will learn skills to be highly effective at creating and sustaining healthy relationships thus allowing organizations to benefit from committed employees who are passionate about what they do and who continually put discretionary effort into their work

  • Managing Stress - understand the different types of stress, recognize their own personal level of stress, identify the source of personal stressors, & develop an action plan to lower stress levels and manage their top three stressors at work 

  • Resilence -  understand what is outside of their control, recognize what is within their influence, appreciate what is within their control, & learn how to re-frame and re-build beliefs in order to develop a positive, empowering mindset that is adaptable to change

  • Respect in the Workplace -  empower all employees to spot and understand workplace bullying, harassing and discriminating behaviors and to eliminate these harmful behaviors in a mutually respectful, self-empowering way for a safer, healthier workplace

All programs can be customized to suit your needs.  

Workshops 45 - 90 minutes / Training Programs 3 - 6 hours

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Let HR-Rx help you create a values-based connected culture in support of increased employee engagement.