Efficient & Effective
"Jeannie is a consummate HR professional who knows all facets of HR both from a birds-eye and from a detailed perspective. She does her job with good humor and maintains excellent employee relations while moving the company's interests forward. In budget-constrained environments there is often a perceived tension between employee and management interests, but Jeannie intelligently balances all of the factors and competing interests and thus bridges that gap."
R.I., VP of R&D, SeaSpace Corporation

"I had an urgent need for quick action coaching on salary negotiations. I didn't have a lot of time to waste as my meeting was approaching the next day. Jeannie was the best -- she didn't waste any of my time, and went directly into the coaching mode. She listened to me carefully, and provided amazing coaching that I needed. Thanks to her, I felt confident going into the meeting and ended up with a higher salary than what was offered to me in the first place. For anyone who needs sound coaching with expertise in salary negotiations and anything HR related, I recommend working with Jeannie."
C.O., Director, Manhattan, NY

"A couple years ago we downsized to about a 60 employee telecommunication hardware company in San Diego. As part of that action, we eliminated our one full time Human Resource position in favor of hiring Jeannie on part time basis. Jeannie came highly recommended by another service provider and she has more than lived up to that endorsement. On site just 4 hours/wk and available remotely at most other times, Jeannie manages to effectively cover all of the typical HR tasks for our diverse organization. She consistently demonstrates a strong knowledge of the dynamic HR fundamentals and executes potential emotionally sensitive tasks with striking professionalism. I’d strongly recommend Jeannie to any company looking to outsource the HR function."
D.N., Chief Executive Officer, REMEC Broadband Wireless

"I was instrumental in hiring Jeannie for contract HR Services at both REMEC Broadband Wireless and Nextivity, Inc. Jeannie's background and experience make it easy to hand over the responsibilities for all aspects of the Human Resources function. As a busy finance executive, I rely on Jeannie to cover the legal and emotional details involved in managing and maintaining the human resource function. I highly recommend Jeannie / HR-Rx, Inc.'s services to anyone looking to outsource their Human Resources function, or parts thereof, to someone who can be trusted to get the job done accurately, timely, and with little to no supervision."
C.L., VP of Finance, Nextivity, Inc. and REMEC Broadband Wireless

"Jeannie Smith has been working with my partner and I as a consultant in the area of human resources for several years and we highly recommend her. Jeannie is well versed in her field and responds to our needs quickly. She articulates her advice to us well and we intend to continue using Jeannie as our Human Resources Consultant."
P.C. and S.C., Top Producing Realtors, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

"I worked with Jeannie at St Bernard. She is one of the best HR leaders I have worked with. Jeannie really understands how to run an HR department effectively and has a clear idea on how to strike the right balance between the employees and business. Her knowledge on HR affairs, related laws and regulations is extremely good. I found Jeannie to be very professional and helpful. She takes time out for employees and managers even if she is overwhelmed. It was a pleasure working with her at St Bernard."
D.S., Network Support Manager, St Bernard Software

Experienced Professional
"Jeannie is the type of Human Resources professional who can be trusted to be proactive in keeping the Company in compliance, maintaining strict confidentiality, and generally getting the job done. Her role often necessitates the communication of tough messages, which she executes with great dignity and respect. She has a knack of pushing for results without creating tension or irritation. On more than one occasion Jeannie has expressed her appreciation to me for being part of the Nextivity Team. It's absolutely mutual - she makes us look, act and feel better. I recommend Jeannie/HR-Rx, Inc. to business leaders who have the need to team up with a Human Resources professional."
W.S., Chief Executive Officer, Nextivity, Inc.

"Jeannie Smith is a highly experienced human resources professional that applies her strengths ranging from interfacing with sr. management on strategic business issues (organizational growth/reduction, policies, compensation, benefits) to managing employee relations to name just a few key areas. Her skills are highly valued and will serve to benefit any organization she is affiliated with and on a personal level; she is a pleasure to work with and enjoys bringing a fun side to the job."
L.N., Chief Operating Officer, Novalar Pharmaceuticals and C3 Jian

"Jeannie is the most professional and resourceful Human Resource Director I've ever met. She was also the most knowledgeable and helpful of the Directors in the organization that helped the company and team members accomplished many critical tasks. Jeannie was the crucial manager who helped me start my career at Macromedia when I was hired directly from China with H1-B visa. She was exceptionally valuable for the group and I miss the days working with her."
M.Z., Sr. Software Engineer, Macromedia, Inc.

"It was a true pleasure to work with Jeannie. She always approaches work as a true professional and has the skill, knowledge and passion to lead the very critical and often under-appreciated HR function. If I were hiring an HR professional, it would be her."
K.M., Director Product Management & Development, SeaSpace Corporation

"Jeannie is the ultimate professional within her field of HR, she has an innate understanding of Global HR issues and manages them consummately. I would highly recommend her services to any corporation."
T.C., VP EMEA, St Bernard Software

Innovative Thinker
"I worked with Jeannie for about a year and can say I was quite impressed with her capabilities as an HR leader. She is a seasoned pro with a strong background in the legal aspects of HR, yet she is also very fun to work with. Jeannie possesses a good creative mind and was able to come up with several great 'outside-of-the-box' solutions to problems we encountered. I would highly recommend Jeannie as an HR leader."
R.C., VP Engineering, St Bernard Software

"I had the great pleasure of working with Jeannie for a number of years at a fast-growing software company. The rapid growth, the dynamic nature, and the eventual acquisition of our company meant that we all experienced many highs and lows throughout the years. What has always impressed me with Jeannie is how she was able to successfully help us all through these times. Her experience, skills, and sincere caring made the good times even better and the challenging times much more manageable. Jeannie has invaluable experience and insight to working with a variety of organizations; start-ups, small companies on the fast track, acquisition targets, and public corporations. Jeannie is a natural leader and a compassionate, experienced, and skilled professional. I had the great pleasure of working with her and would highly recommend her to any organization looking to go from bad to good, or from good to great!"
E.C., Sr. Product Consultant, eHelp Corporation

"Jeannie is a professional who is passionate about human resource leadership. She consistently seeks ways to enhance the organization, delivers innovative programs, and sets very high standards for herself and her team."
S.Y., VP Sales and Marketing, St. Bernard Software

Intuitive Leader
"Jeannie is one of those managers who can tune in on anyone's frequency (regardless of any static) and truly cares about people, work culture and environment. With savvies of a diplomat, she forges relationships and partnerships that last forever. Her integrity is unparalleled and her commitment and skills greatly admired."
V.H., Senior Software Engineer, eHelp/Macromedia

"Jeannie is warm and caring. Her intuition and her experience are a great combination for a powerful coaching experience."
L.W., Senior Manager, NetApp

"Jeannie's broad experience, in-depth technical skills, corporate know-how, diverse contacts, and compassion makes her an ideal head of Human Resources. Whether planning a single project or working on redefining a firm's culture, Jeannie does it with passion, professionalism, and respect of employees. I strongly recommend Jeannie for performing specific consulting work all the way to managing an HR Department."
R.G., Chief Medical & Compliance Officer, Novalar Pharmaceuticals

"I have made several positive changes in my life since attending coaching with Jeannie. My self-esteem and confidence levels had improved tremendously and I'm now able to view life in a whole new light. Jeannie helped me discover exactly what was holding me back from being my best self and now I've switched careers and living my dream job! I feel empowered, positive and tremendously fulfilled and Jeannie supported me every step of the way! Thank you, Jeannie!! I highly recommend Jeannie as a Coach."
K.P., Manager, Deckers

"I heartily recommend Jeannie as a coach. Jeannie was my first experience working with a professional coach, her engaging nature created mutual trust, which freed me to open-up to her coaching. She helped me articulate the performance and personal challenges I am having and identified specific and sustainable strategies to overcome them. She held me accountable to the goals I set, which led to success in achieving them. Jeannie's coaching fit my needs and provided me accountability, support and inspiration. I truly looked forward to my Friday phone call with Jeannie! I consider her support and mentoring to be huge contributor to my success in my new role."
Y.M., Director, Stanford University

"Jeannie is a pleasure to work with! I could always count on Jeannie as a trusted colleague and partner. She always keeps the client in mind and makes decisions in their best interest. She is a true HR professional".
C.S., HR Business Partner, Macromedia, Inc.

"Having managed frontline resources for 15 years, I truly value the support HR professionals can provide. Jeannie epitomizes the ideal person I prefer to work with in this position. She knows how to balance the company and employee's needs. Jeannie works with integrity and has a complete understanding HR theory and the practical reality of implementing the theory. I highly recommend Jeannie, and would love the opportunity to work with her again."
M.P., Customer Care Manager, Novalar Pharmaceuticals