Human Resources bridges the gap between managers and employees whereas Coaching assists clients in building the bridge between a problem and a solution.

What does HR-Rx, Inc. Do?

HR-Rx, Inc. is a consultative resource partnering with leaders to develop & maintain positive, efficient & cost effective working relationships and to bring full potential to life. We specialize in the advancement and compliance of Business Operations, Recruitment, Employment, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefits, and Health, Safety & Security and coaching leadership, management and high potential employees.

HR-Rx, Inc.
  • Partners with individuals and teams who desire to live an empowered and re-energized life.
  • Identify and address blocks that are keeping them from achieving what they want.
  • Develop achievable action plans.
  • Build confidence to do whatever they set their mind to.
  • Works closely with companies to evaluate resources, processes and procedures. Once an evaluation is complete, advises how companies can become more efficient and compliant thus saving a significant amount of time, resources, and expenses.
  • Clients partner with HR-Rx, Inc. to:
  • Regain their energized, engaged, and excited self through coaching
  • Increase Revenue through Improved Business Operations
  • Advance teams and individuals from functional to optimal
  • Maximize Profits and Decrease Expenses by Improving Talent Management Programs and Employment Practices
  • Attain Competitive Advantage with Compensation and Benefit Programs
  • Increase Effectiveness and Decrease Potential Liability through Training and Development
  • Maximize Efficiency by Improving Employee Relations
  • Decrease Potential Liability with Health, Safety, and Security Program

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